1. Join the Yellowknife Carfree Challenge - Sept. 22nd
  2. Join the Carfree Day Team Challenge and earn yourselves a trophy!
  3. Ecology North’s 2015 Annual General Meeting – Sept. 24th
  4. Polar Eggs announces new fibre packaging for their eggs
  5. Volunteers Needed! Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup @ Rotary Park - Sept 19th at 12pm
  6. Call for Proposals for Northern Environmental Stewardship Fund in Memory of Doug Ritchie
  7. Love Song to the Earth

1. Join the Yellowknife Carfree Challenge - Sept. 22nd

World Carfree Day – We all know about the dangers of too much pollution in our environment, yet every day we get into our car continue to exacerbate the problem. This important awareness day aims to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, promote active transportation as a way of healthy living for ourselves and the environment, and promote the use of public transit.

We are fortunate that in Yellowknife, we do not have long commute times! Riding your bike is an easy and efficient way to get to work in a relatively short period of time, especially compared to big cities. Riding your bike is also a much more economical way to live; imagine getting rid of all the burdensome expenses that come with car ownership? Purchasing the car, gas, insurance, maintenance, parking, and the gym membership you need to purchase in order to get in your exercise? Bicycles are inexpensive, good for your health, good for the environment, and easy on your pocketbook!

So on September 22 2015, please take part in World (and Yellowknife) Carfree Day and help make our world a little bit nicer to live in… You might even be able to enjoy the scenery in our gorgeous, scenic City. If you are unable to walk or cycle, hop on the bus and relax with a book while you are chauffeured to work by FREE public transit for the day!

Join the Carfree Challenge --

Don’t forget to take a photo so we can share your success on Sept. 22nd. Email admin@ecologynorth.ca and we will share on social media, or use hashtag #carfreeyzf on social media and we will share your success!

Carfree Day Poster 2015



2. Join the Carfree Day Team Challenge and earn yourselves a trophy!

Did you know that you and your department/organization can team up and challenge others to go Carfree on Sept. 22nd? The team captain tracks participation of their team members and sends it to Jenn at admin@ecologynorth.ca between Sept. 23rd-and Sept. 28th. Teams are ranked based on % participation. Winners will receive these handy dandy trophies made by Lloyd (thanks Lloyd!). #carfreeyzf

Carfree Day trophies
Join the Carfree Challenge by emailing Jenn at admin@ecologynorth.ca



3. Ecology North’s 2015 Annual General Meeting – Sept. 24th

It’s that time of year again! Ecology North will be holding an Annual General Meeting the evening of Sept. 24th at Northern United Place. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what Ecology North does and what we've achieved over the past year, meet your board members and EN staffers, mingle with old friends and meet new ones, and to enjoy some delicious wholesome food.

When: Thurs. Sept. 24th – doors open at 6:30pm; meal starts at 7:00pm
Where: Northern United Place

To find out more on how to become a member, or to register, visit our website.  - http://ecologynorth.ca/membership-sign-up/ -- Or you can sign up/renew your membership in-person at the AGM!

View full size poster here: AGM Poster 2015

AGM Poster 2015



4. Polar Eggs announces new fibre packaging for their eggs

Ecology North is excited to hear that Polar Eggs is switching from Styrofoam to fibre packaging. The new fibre packaging means that you can now recycle or compost your fibre packaging! In addition to this, Polar Eggs is also continuing their recycling program for egg cartons!
Visit Polar Eggs for more information: http://polaregg.ca/sustainability/


5. Volunteers Needed! Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup @ Rotary Park - Sept 19th at 12pm

Shoreline trash is ugly and harmful to wildlife. Shoreline cleanups are an easy way for volunteers to make a difference!

The Somba K’e Paddling Club is hosting a shoreline litter clean up that will take place on Saturday September 19, 2015 at Rotary Park,12:00pm – rain or shine! The event marks Yellowknife’s participation in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - a national effort to keep Canada’s waterways clean and safe.

Come join this national effort to clean up our shores! Garbage bags, gloves and vests will be provided.

For more information contact Dan Wong at 445-4512 or dwong@yellowknife.ca


6. Call for Proposals for Northern Environmental Stewardship Fund in Memory of Doug Ritchie

This is a one-time allocation of funds in the NWT Environmental Stewardship Fund in Memory of Doug Ritchie. The Fund is for advocacy work that promotes a clean, sustainable and healthy environment for all NWT residents. The NWT Environmental Stewardship Fund in Memory of Doug Ritchie consists of an endowment of $25,000 collected through donations since April 2015. Donations are still accepted through the Yellowknife Community Foundation.
Charitable organizations as well as NWT residents are invited to apply for grants of up to $10,000. If an organization does not have charitable status, it may consider partnering with an organization that has charitable status or the grant may be allocated to an individual. Individuals receiving a grant will be issued a T4A.
The deadline for applications is October 13th, 2015. A selection committee will make decisions about the amount of each grant and the number of grants. Successful applicants will be notified on November 2nd, 2015.
Proposal leads must be NWT-based individuals or organizations, however partnerships with local, territorial and national partners are eligible and encouraged. In honour of Doug who filled out his fair share of funding proposals over the years, there is an absolutely firm two-page limit for the funding proposal, including a budget, and a statement of the goals, potential impact and benefits the project will produce. Any expenses related to the project are eligible. There is no deadline by which the funding must be spent and no final reporting is required.
Projects will be evaluated based on:
• Budget
• Potential to influence lasting policy or change at the community level
• Environmental benefits to the target community or NWT
• Amount of potential positive awareness the project will build
• Confidence that proposed actions will deliver on project goals

Doug Ritchie was a well-known, and highly respected NWT environmental crusader. He loved the NWT and its people and wanted to make the North a better place for all its residents. Doug passed away on January 10, 2015 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.

For more information, contact the Yellowknife Community Foundation:
Phone: (867) 446-4527 to leave a message
Email: info@yellowknifecommunityfoundation.ca


7. Love Song to the Earth

On Sept. 4th, a diamond-studded choir (including Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Jon Bon Jovi, Sean Paul) collectively released a Love Song to the Earth. You can purchase this song for 0.69$ from iTunes, and 0.60$ from every purchase will go towards the Friends of the Earth U.S. and the United Nations Foundation. It might seem silly to think that "a pop song can save the earth". Obviously not a solution unto itself, perhaps a nudge towards the cultural paradigm shift that our society so desperately needs.