Calling all northerners! The Ideas Bank is an interactive website devoted to discussing and implementing strategies to make northern communities more sustainable. Join the conversation today! 

Click here to visit the Ideas Bank:

The Ideas Bank is part of Ecology North’s Building Sustainable Communities initiative, which is a successor to 2015's Building Localized Economies Gathering. The Gathering used several web-based technologies in order to promote dialogue among participants while overcoming challenges related to distance and time. Over 200 people from across the territory participated from their home communities. This was the inspiration for creating a web-based place where everyone can participate in a meaningful way without needing to leave their community!

Ecology North encourages everyone (community leaders, entrepreneurs, classrooms, public servants, political figures, grandparents – anyone!) to sign up and join the discussion. You may simply want to vote on existing ideas, or you may have an idea of your own to share.