NWT Elders and community leaders have identified food security as one of the most pressing issues they face. Changes to the natural environment caused by, climate change, local pollution and development can threaten traditional sources of food such as caribou and fish.

In the modern world it’s normal for our food to travel a very long way to reach our stores and use an enormous amount of energy in the process. In the north this issue is particularly acute and we’re not in a position to delude ourselves that the sugar snap peas we happily tuck into while watching Game of Thrones are grown in the fields just outside of town. Up here there’s no hiding from the fact that almost everything we eat has to be flown or driven here from somewhere else. On the positive side, this means that we’re in the perfect position to demonstrate how practical and beneficial local food production can be. We’re proud to work with a great many northerners who do just that. Take a look at what is, and what has been, going on!