Ben Linaker

Ben Linaker

Originally from Fort Smith, Ben returned to the NWT after completing an undergraduate in environmental science from the University of Calgary. Having lived in Yellowknife for the past 3 years – with some short breaks – Ben is now setting down roots and becoming a contributing member of Yellowknife society.

Ben has been selected as the board member in charge of communications and membership for the 2016/17 year and hopes to help expand the reach of Ecology North throughout the Territory, while continuing to strengthen the organizations presence in Yellowknife.

In his free time Ben maintains an active outdoor lifestyle playing rugby, canoeing and kayaking during the summer, playing hockey and skiing during the winter, and swimming and hiking throughout the year. A passion for the outdoors and nature have helped lead him down his current life path as an environmentalist.
Ben considers himself to be outspoken, open-minded and approachable. If you have thoughts or ideas for Ecology North, especially in term of communications and membership, please don't hesitate to reach out either in person or via email (Ben.Linaker[at]