Young Leaders’ Summit on Northern Climate Change

Young Leaders’ Summit on Northern Climate Change
Upcoming Young Leaders' Summit on Northern Climate Change
August 16-22, 2017 - Whitehorse, Yukon


This summit will provide an opportunity for participants to enhance their knowledge of climate change and its impacts through on-the-land learning. Topics discussed in previous summits include: forest fires, permafrost, culture, community, wildlife, politics, water, adapting to climate change, communicating climate change, and food security.

This summit is open to youth ages 18 to 30 from the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
We are looking for youth who show leadership potential, and a strong interest in climate change and the environment.

To apply for the 2017 Summit:

1) Submit a one-page essay expressing why you are interested in attending, and;
2) Submit a reference letter from a respected member of your community.

Please indicate the community you will be traveling from in your essay. Then submit these documents to

Essay topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Why you are interested in learning about climate change
  • Why you are interested in Northern issues
  • Your desire to take action on climate change
  • Your prior experience (personal, educational, professional) with climate change
  • Why the topics discussed in this summit are relevant to your current work or education
  • How climate change has affected your life in the North
  • How you will benefit from attending the summit

Applications are due Thursday, July 20th, 2017.

Find out more information about previous summits here:

Young Leader’s Summit on Northern Climate Change 2015

In the Summer of 2015, we invited 10 youths from across the three northern territories to Yellowknife, where we promptly took them down the highway to Hay River. Along the way they met elders, scientists, government leaders, were tasked with challenges. The youth camped along the way, cooked and cleaned and had a variety of visitors.

It proved an incredible journey, and the youth made great friends, learned a great deal about climate change and how it is impacting people, communities, and the the natural environment.

You can read the CBC story on the Young Leaders' Summit here.

You can download the Final Report on the summit here.