Are you planning a conference, workshop or meal at your workplace or business? Organizing a large birthday party or family reunion?

Ecology North is happy to help you run a more sustainable event.

Ecology North is pleased to provide a ‘Rent-a-Plate’ service. No need to purchase disposable dishware when planning an event.

Our ‘Rent-a-Plate repertoire’ currently includes the following:

  • 200 large plates
  • 200 small plates
  • 200 mugs
  • 200 soup bowls
  • 250 sets of cutlery
  • 30 small white mugs
  • 50 small white bowls
  • 1 large coffee urn
  • 1 small coffee urn
  • 2 small carafes (great for milk and cream)
  • wash basins, dish racks and tea towels


Please Note:

  • Dishes must be washed before returning.
  • There is a replacement fee of $8 per piece for lost dishware.


Pricing (any combination of dishware up to a certain number of settings):

  • Up to 50 people: $25/day
  • 51 - 149 people: $50/day
  • 150 - 200 people: $75/day
  • Coffee Urn: $10/day
  • Carafes (for the pair): $5/day

* Prices are per business day. Weekends are counted as one day if you pick up Friday afternoon and return Monday morning.


Please contact the Ecology North office to inquire about the Rent-a-Plate program or to place a rental request. Alternative, use the form below to submit your request.
Phone: (867) 873-6019