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A great way to get involved in the decision and policy-making. Ecology North Committees work with a variety of our members, businesses and local municipal staff and councillors to advocate for issues and needs which affect all residents of Yellowknife and the North.

Please feel free to contact our staff if interested in joining these committees or simply wanting to voice your interest over a particular matter.

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Northern Center for Sustainability

Our Eco-Home Committee has been busy working on its report on where and how to find a new Eco-friendly home for Ecology North.  The committee has developed a report and a short summary (PDFs coming soon) document which point to a direction that Ecology North should take as they move ahead with finding a new home.

Thanks to Doug Ritchie and his family’s generous donation we already have a headstart on fundraising. But we can’t do it without you!

If you’re interested in helping the Northern Center for Sustainability, contact us for more information.

Transportation Issues Committee (TIC)

The Ecology North Transportation Issues Committee (TIC) seeks to improve active transportation options for Yellowknifers. Active Transportation refers to human-powered means of travel and includes walking, biking, skiing or many other forms of mobility. Due to Yellowknife’s compact size and flat topography, active transportation is used by approximately a quarter of commuters, representing one of the highest rates of use in North America. As the city has grown these rates have declined, however, and there are many ways in which infrastructure and policy can be improved to allow for even greater resident use. The TIC group works closely with the City of Yellowknife and other community partners to encourage healthy commuting options (bike lanes, multi-use trails, improved transit routes, etc). Yellowknife is a small and dense city – why not walk or bike?

If you have a passion for walking, biking or transit, consider joining TIC and helping others get excited too! Contact us for information on meeting times and location.

Check out some resources and planning documents all about transportation below:

  • Elements of an Active Transportation Strategy (PDF Coming Soon)
  • Bicycle Routing Report (PDF Coming Soon)
  • Bike Lanes (2013 Presentation) (PDF Coming Soon)
  • City of Yellowknife Active Transportation Presentation (November 2017) (PDF Coming Soon)

Want to know more about the vision and goals of TIC? 

Read the Sustainable Transportation in Yellowknife Vision & Mission Statement (PDF Coming Soon)