Earth Week 2022

Earth Week 2022 is our debut back to in-person events! We’re very excited to celebrate Earth Week safely with all of our environmental warriors! This year’s schedule brings back some favourites from years’ past and new activities you can do with all of your friends and family! Please mask appropriately at our events. 

Kick off Earth Week with us at lunch on Earth Day (April 22) at Somba K’e Park! View the full schedule below.

Attend our events and collect 6 stamps for a chance to win a prize! Passports are available at the Ecology North office or print here. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we highlight our Earth Week events.

Take climate action!

Ecology North teamed up with illustrator, Alison McCreesh, to help you and your community mitigate and adapt to climate change. What climate actions can you check off today? Where can you make changes tomorrow? Print a copy and track your progress! Every big climate action starts with a small step. 

Thank you to the Government of Canada for supporting this project.

Managing Hazardous Waste in Your Community

Step-by-step tips for community staff in NWT aiming to safely manage hazardous waste. This video will help you to understand how to separate, store, label and inventory hazardous waste before ultimately shipping it out of your community to a registered receiving facility. Learn how to create and follow a waste management plan that will keep the people, land and water in your community safe and healthy.