Bats in the Dehcho

In February 2019, Ecology North staff, Emma Ambury and Katharine Thomas, visited schools throughout the Dehcho to run workshops about bats. In total, six schools and six communities were visited, the communities were: Fort Providence, Kakisa, Sambaa K’e, Fort Liard, Nahanni Butte, and Jean Marie River.

The overall goal of the workshops was to foster appreciation and encourage stewardship of bats in the Northwest Territories.  The workshops included multiple games and activities intended to teach students about the following topics: how bats are unique and interesting animals, how bats are similar to humans, what role bats play in their ecosystems, why bats are being threatened (particularly by white nose syndrome), and what people can do to protect bats in the Northwest Territories.

Students at each school also helped to build and decorate a bat box, a summer roosting spot for the little brown myotis. These finished bat boxes were left with the communities and are now used as bat monitoring sites by Environment and Natural Resources (ENR).

Funding for this project was provided by ENR.