Bottled Water in the NWT

The rapid increase in bottled water consumption has raised a number of environmental and social concerns, in Canada and abroad. These concerns largely stem from the negative environmental impacts associated with manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of single use plastic water bottles, in addition to the social issues of selling a substance that many consider a ‘public good’.

In 2016, there was no public data about bottled water consumption in the NWT. This paper is an effort to address that data gap. Two broad goals guided our research aimed at helping to fill the NWT bottled water data gap:

  1. To gather baseline information about the amount of bottled water consumed in the NWT in 2014-2015; and,
  2. To communicate this new information to the public in an informative and relatable way.

This report provides a brief overview of the research undertaken to achieve these goals.

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Bottled Water in the NWT:
Background Research Report on Bottled Water Consumption in the NWT

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