Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Ecology North works with communities throughout the NWT to assess and manage risks posed by climate change. Thawing permafrost, shorter, less predictable ice road seasons, drought, floods, and forest fires all threaten northerner’s environment and livelihood.

Among the most pressing concerns for residents and communities include:

  • Shifting houses, and buildings from permafrost thaw;
  • Increased costs as barge and ferry service is disrupted;
  • Fears of forest fires, and the health impacts of forest fire smoke;
  • Food security as caribou and fish are impacted by changes
  • Decrease in water quality;
  • Travel on the land is becoming less safe; and
  • Weather is becoming less predictable

Ecology North has helped communities in all regions of the NWT to conduct risk assessments and adaptation and mitigation plans. These plans are available on our Resources page.

If your community has concerns about climate change and you would like more information or help, contact us and we’ll assist you. 

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