Fall Harvest Fair

The Fall Harvest Fair has been an important event in the agricultural  calendar in the Yellowknife region since 2010. It had traditionally been held at the Northern United Place auditorium and included a potluck, and veggie, jam, pie making competitions. The event has grown considerably over the years and, starting in 2014, Ecology North has partnered with Yellowknives Dene First Nation (YKDFN), the Yellowknife Community Garden Collective (YCGC), and various other partners to coordinate Fall Harvest Fair in N’Dilo.

Some of the events held during Fall Harvest Fair have included:

  • Petting zoo of local farm animals
  • Workshop on canning
  • Workshop/tour on traditional aboriginal fish smoking
  • Tour of the N’dilo gardens and storytelling tent
  • Workshop on medicinal and food plants
  • Kids games
  • Horse rides
  • Potluck dinner
  • Vegetable, jam and baked goods show-off
  • Fiddle, drum and square dance
  • Displays

The Fall Harvest Fair, which is typically held in September, is a fun, family friendly event for Yellowknife and Dettah/N’dilo residents to get outside, enjoy good food, have fun, and build on our historic connection with the land. The goal of Fall Harvest Fair is more than just a celebration of food, but also a celebration of culture and way to bring together YK Dene and Yellowknifers.

For more details on the Fall Harvest Fair this year, please see our poster and facebook event.

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