Rent a Plate

Are you planning a conference, workshop or meal at your workplace or business? Organizing a large birthday party or family reunion?

Ecology North is happy to help you run a more sustainable event!

Ecology North is pleased to provide a ‘Rent-a-Plate’ service. No need to purchase disposable dishware when planning an event.

Our ‘Rent-a-Plate repertoire’ currently includes the following:

  • 200 large plates
  • 200 small plates
  • 200 mugs
  • 200 soup bowls
  • 250 sets of cutlery
  • 30 small white mugs
  • 50 small white bowls
  • 1 large coffee urn
  • 1 small coffee urn
  • 2 small carafes (great for milk and cream)
  • wash basins, dish racks and tea towels
Rent a Plate

Please Note:

  • Dishes must be washed before returning. Dishes arriving back unclean may be subject to additional fees.
  • There is a $5/day late fee for dishes returned after the scheduled drop-off date, unless previously discussed.
  • There is a replacement fee of $8 per piece for lost dishware.

Pricing (any combination of dishware up to a certain number of settings):

  • Up to 50 people: $25
  • 51 – 149 people: $50
  • 150 – 200 people: $75
  • Coffee Urn: $10
  • Carafes (for the pair): $5

* Prices are assuming a general rental time-frame of 1-5 days. Anything over this time frame may be subject to further charges.

Please contact the Ecology North office to inquire about the Rent-a-Plate program or to place a rental request. Alternatively, use the form below to submit your request.
Phone: (867) 873-6019