Climate Solutions

This page features our published Climate Solutions work, including adaptation plans for NWT communities, a series of posters about how climate change is affecting the north, and many written reports on a variety of climate change topics.

SOS – Seasons of Smoke

During Earth Week 2024, we were fortunate to speak with Dr. Courtney Howard about the health effects of wildfire smoke. In her presentation, she outlined the risks of smoke inhalation, and talked to us about staying hopeful in the face of eco-anxiety. We are grateful that she shared her insights with us.

Climate Resiliency in the NWT

As part of Earth Week 2024, we partnered with the GNWT’s Environment and Climate Change department to host a fantastic panel on climate resilience in the North. We heard about a wide range of climate change solutions that are happening all over the NWT. Check it out! The following panelists shared their stories and projects…

Take climate action!

Ecology North teamed up with illustrator, Alison McCreesh, to help you and your community mitigate and adapt to climate change. What climate actions can you check off today? Where can you make changes tomorrow? Print a copy and track your progress! Every big climate action starts with a small step.  Thank you to the Government of Canada for…

Renewable Energy Technologies in the NWT – Alternatives North

A resource created by Alternatives North and designed by Ecology North that highlights the 3 main questions we should be asking when it comes to renewable energy technologies in the NWT.

Climate Action Training

A web-based education opportunity for NWT residents looking to gain knowledge, skills, and resources to help face the climate crisis. This resource consists of six, 90 minute webinar recordings.

Northern Adaptation Guides

Plain-language, fully illustrated infrastructure guides created to help northerners adapt to the changing climate. Available in English, French, and Inuktitut.

Summer of Smoke

Born out of the devastating 2014 NWT wildfire season, this project involved a research study and short film, both looking into the health effects of the fire season.

Carbon Pricing in the NWT

Two documents, published in 2016 and 2017, outline carbon pricing recommendations for the NWT. These were created to aid decision makers and inform the public on carbon pricing.

Integrating Climate Change into Municipal Planning

This report describes how climate change is affecting northern communities and describes a process for integrating these considerations into existing municipal planning processes.

Biodiesel Project

A report investigating the feasibility of transforming waste oil from Yellowknife restaurants into biodiesel for use in heating buildings.