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Local Food

This page features our published Local Food work, including our popular Backyard Farming booklet series, information for building soil in the NWT, and northern agriculture research papers.

Northern Backyard Farming Booklets

A series of plain-language, illustrated booklets that teach about small-scale agriculture in the NWT. Topics include raising chickens, composting, preserving food, and growing in small spaces!

Northern Soil Recipes

Recipe cards designed to help NWT residents make their own soil out of locally available ingredients. Four recipes cover different regions and soil qualities of the NWT.

A Guide to Building Sustainable Garden Soil in the NWT

A detailed guide to building healthy soil in the NWT, including a breakdown of local sources of soil-building organics and easy steps for assessing soil content.

NWT School Gardens – Curriculum for Grade 3

This book is based on the highly successful Growing Together at Weledeh program, and is intended to help schools start up their own, similar programs.

Wood Pellet Ash as an Agricultural Soil Amendment

A study looking at the options and safety of using ash from pellet stoves and boilers as an agricultural soil amendment in the NWT.