Trout Lake Water Quality Sampling 2015-2016

This document presents the results of a sampling program aimed at learning more about how abandoned wells in the Sambaa K'e watershed may be impacting surrounding water quality.

Carbon Pricing Discussion Paper

This discussion paper covers examples of carbon pricing and outlines recommendations for the NWT. This was published to aid decision makers and inform the public on carbon pricing.

Get to Know Your Watershed! Teacher Resource Guide

This guide includes lesson plans for all grades, each designed to engage students in a hands-on watershed building activity and teach about watersheds, their features, and functions.

Schools for a Living Planet Teacher Resources

Curriculum-linked lesson plans for Grades 3 to 8, covering a wide variety of topics, all directly linked to the NWT. Alternate versions created for Nunavut.

Sambaa K’e Source Water Protection Planning

Source water protection planning is an important first step to ensure safe drinking water. This plan identifies potential contaminant sources and includes a series of management actions.

Integrating Climate Change Measures

This report describes how climate change is affecting northern communities and describes a process for integrating these considerations into existing municipal planning processes.

Pepper and the Mighty Mackenzie

Join Pepper the Sand Piper as she explores the mighty Mackenzie River. Through her journey, you will meet lots of friends and find many games – colouring, word searches, connect-the-dots and more!

Feasibility of Centralized Composting in Hay River

This study looks at options for composting in Hay River, including the feasibility of composting poultry manure, paper waste, wood chips, and household organics.

Fort Resolution Youth Water Monitoring Project

Teaching modules on ice, water quality, and snow, prepared for pilot use with youth in Ft. Resolution. Each module includes multiple activities, activity sheets, a teachers' guide, and curriculum links.

Wood Pellet Ash as an Agricultural Soil Amendment

A study looking at the options and safety of using ash from pellet stoves and boilers as an agricultural soil amendment in the NWT.