Waste Reduction

This page features our published Waste Reduction work, including guides for composting at-home and at remote camps, a checklist for hosting sustainable events, many written reports on a variety of waste reduction topics, and a video on managing community hazardous waste.

Northern Backyard Farming Booklets

A series of plain-language, illustrated booklets that teach about small-scale agriculture in the NWT. Topics include raising chickens, composting, preserving food, and growing in small spaces!

Yellowknife Sustainable Event Checklist

The how-to checklist to running a sustainable, zero-waste, bottled water-free, energy conscious event in Yellowknife.

Composting in Remote Northern Camps

A resource developed for camp managers to explore the options, benefits, and barriers to composting at remote worksites in Northern Canada.

Managing Hazardous Waste in Your Community

A 38 minute instructional film, intended to help NWT communities deal with stockpiles of hazardous waste and develop a community hazardous waste management plan.

Feasibility of Centralized Composting in Hay River

This study looks at options for composting in Hay River, including the feasibility of composting poultry manure, paper waste, wood chips, and household organics.

Wood Pellet Ash as an Agricultural Soil Amendment

A study looking at the options and safety of using ash from pellet stoves and boilers as an agricultural soil amendment in the NWT.

Biodiesel Project

A report investigating the feasibility of transforming waste oil from Yellowknife restaurants into biodiesel for use in heating buildings.