School Garden 2020

Below you will find the resources that Ecology North has collected to help teachers, students, and families succeed in completing the school gardening curriculum from home. Each week Ecology North during the Gardening season will release additional resources that we have collected to complement the curriculum lesson.

Lesson 1:

Introduction to Gardening

In this lesson, all of the basics that you need to cover before starting a garden are explained.

Lesson 2:

Starting Plants for Transplant

In this lesson, we go over how to start seedlings for transplant. This will allow you to get a head start on the growing season

Lesson 3:

Soil Nutrient & Feeding the Soil

In this lesson, we learn what plants need to grow strong and healthy

Lesson 4:

Planting and Caring for Our Garden

In this lesson, we finally get to plant our seedlings. It is important to understand the care that they need so they can grow big and strong.

Lesson 5:

Garden Biology

In this lesson, we learn about how plants work, what makes them grow.

Lesson 6:

Thinning, Weeding, and Harvest

In this lesson, we learn about maintaining the garden and preparing for harvest.