Water Stewardship

Ecology North supports and facilitates projects that contribute to effective, long-term stewardship of NWT water resources. Our work is largely guided by the vision and goals laid out in the Northern Voices, Northern Water: NWT Water Stewardship Strategy which is designed to ensure that:

  • Waters that flow into, within or through the NWT are substantially unaltered in quality, quantity and rates of flow
  • Residents have access to safe, clean and plentiful drinking water at all times
  • Aquatic ecosystems are healthy and diverse
  • Residents can rely on their water to sustain their communities and economies
  • Residents are involved in and knowledgeable about water stewardship
  • Everyone making water stewardship decisions works together to share and communicate information

Ecology North believes that we can work towards these goals through integrated programming that engages all NWT governments, communities, and residents – including youth, elders and adults – in learning about and sharing their knowledge related to water.

Promoting Water Stewardship

Government departments, schools, businesses, organizations, and individuals across the territory are committing to drinking and providing access to NWT drinking water and phasing out single-use plastic bottles.

#loveNWTwater – It’s time we declare our love for NWT water and decrease our reliance on single-use plastic bottles!

Water Stewardship in the Northwest Territories


The goal of the #loveNWTwater campaign is to reduce the use of single-use plastics and to raise awareness about the benefits of drinking NWT water.